This is your dedicated area and can only be accessed by Contractors with a login and password.

Please log in below to access your account or use menu on your left to access relevant sections.

Note: After 10 unsuccessful login attempts, the account will be locked. To unlock you will need to use Reset Password link below.


Key Points:

  • An extra layer of cyber security was enabled on all Contractor Portal accounts requiring login access on Wednesday 27 September 2022
  • This means you have 2FA activated on your account which will require you to log in each time you access your account
  • Once you have logged in with 2FA activated, a 6 digit code will be sent to your registered email account to enter to continue logging in.  The code will expire in 10 minutes
  • When in 2FA this 6 digit code will always be sent to your registered email account to enter. Please check spam mail if not received, otherwise resubmit a code
  • You have the option to decide whether or not you wish to use this additional cyber security feature by selecting the Red Opting Out and Green Opting In Buttons 
  • If you wish to Opt Out, select the Opt Out Red button on the screen. You will no longer need to login and enter a 6 digit code
  • If you wish to Opt back in again, select the Opt In Green button on your screen and 2FA will be activated and the above steps to log in, enter a 6 digit code will be required.


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