Sunday, 21 July 2019

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Fire Extinguishers

School Bus Services (SBS) would like to advise all our Contractors that existing fire extinguishers on your vehicles will now need to comply with changes to the Australian Standards (AS 1851).

The new requirements of the Australian Standards (AS 1851), specifies that all mobile fire extinguishers must now be inspected every 6 months with a total life span of 5 years for the actual unit.

What this means is that, you will need to have your existing fire extinguisher inspected every 6 months as required by the Australian Standards (AS 1851) and it will need to be passed and date stamped by an organisation competent and authorised to provide the appropriate certification. To Access a copy of the relevant section of AS 1851 please click here.

Furthermore, the selection and location of portable fire extinguishers on buses must comply with the requirements of AS 2444-2001.  To access a Table outlining the requirements for portable fire extinguishers click here.

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