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Level 2 Public Health Measures Term 1 2022

Travel on School Buses

The Government recently announced Level 2 Public Health Measures effective from 12.01AM Thursday, 3 March 2022. School Buses will continue to operate to normal timetable arrangements but please note:

Compulsory Face Masks

Mask are mandatory from the 3 March 2022 for all children in Year 3 and above (usual medical exemptions apply). Families are responsible for providing students with face masks to travel. Where a student repeatedly presents without a mask or refuses to wear a mask when asked by the driver the student may will be suspended from the service for a period of time.

Children's Safety on School Bus Services

School buses and public transport are essential services and are available for children who need to travel. As part of the Level 2 Measures, children should be encouraged to:

  • sit next to their siblings if possible
  • practise good hygiene including using hand sanitiser (if provided by parents) and covering mouth and nose with a tissue to cough, or otherwise into their elbow
  • follow the mask directions in place
  • keep doorways clear so people can get on and off quickly and safely
  • children and staff should practice physical distancing at bus stops, transfer locations, and school bus loading areas where possible.
  • Children must stay home if they are unwell.

Management of Positive Covid Cases on School Bus Services

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) has received several enquiries concerning the management of students who report they are Covid positive.

Understanding the intent of Government policy to limit the numbers of people isolating unnecessarily once high daily caseloads are recorded in the community, the PTA will treat any confirmed positive Covid case from a student or driver/contractor as a casual contact for all other passengers on the bus, unless directed otherwise by WA Health. This decision has been made because no student will spent more than two hours on a school bus on a one way journey.

Where a student or driver is identified as a confirmed positive then the individual will need to isolate for 7 days and undertake the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) positive protocols.

Further information about testing an isolation protocols can be found at  HealthyWA.

As students travelling on the school bus are deemed casual contacts, parents should monitor for symptoms and if the child is feeling unwell to isolate and follow the PCR and RAT protocols. The PTA will inform families of positive cases travelling on school buses as soon as this is communicated to us.

Thank you for your assistance.

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